Center Facilities

 center image


    • The auditorium will be air conditioned and equipped with modern sound system.
    • This eill have 1500 hi-tech sears with ample space for the movement.
    • Very wide stage with two green rooms
    • Large entry and exits


    • The stage will have two green room on the sides

Green Room

    • Green room will have the facility for make up and back stage arrengement.
    • This will be useful for staging the plays, conset and formaal functions in that part of Pune

Seminar Hall

    • Two medium size Seminar Hall of 2000sft. On each third and fouth floor.
    • With bulit in multimedia projector and screen, this room is ideal for meeting, tranning, sessions,workshops, press conference and lectures.It can be transformed into a space for a cocktails.
    • Seminar halls have very good demand can generate good income

VIP Lounge

    • A 300 sft Lounge next to the stage will help in accommodating the guest for refreshment and relaxing.

Dining Area

    • Ground level parking can be used as dining area during the functions


    • Center will have six well furnished double rooms
    • All rooms are with attached toilets and air conditioned
    • This will faxcilitate the in house lodging for the marriage parties and organizer of the functions hiring auditorium.

Sangha Office

    • The building will have a 300 to 400 Sft premises to accommodate the Bunts Sangha office.
    • This will help in running the day today affairs of the Sangha and property.
    • This can be furnished to accommodate around 5 to 10 staff.

Basement Parking Area

    • Adequate parking for 150 cars and 150 two wheelers